The “oasis” of Buenos Aires: getaway just one hour from CABA

The “oasis” of Buenos Aires: getaway just one hour from CABA

Tigerlocated just 32 km from Buenos Airesit is a great option escape weekend to enjoy with friends, family or as a couple. It has a wide variety of activities to do, as well as the possibility of connecting with the nature that surrounds the place.

Getaways: how to get to Tigre

There are many ways to reach Tiger. You can choose between public transportation or your own car, if you have this possibility.

Own car

Avenue Liberatorlocated in the Buenos aires citywave Pan-American Highway They are the paths by which you can reach your destination. The best part is that the trip lasts only an hour, so in the blink of an eye you will be enjoying your dream getaway.

  • Bus: line 60 that starts from Constitution It is a great option. You can also arrive by line 21, which leaves from La Noria Bridgeor the 722, which runs through everything Tiger.
  • Train: the railway Miter It is one of the most economical options. Part from Withdrawal every 10 or 20 minutes depending on the day.
  • Tren de la Costa: this is a more touristy option, since it allows you to appreciate the landscape with beautiful views of the Silver river. This medium is part of olives.

Where can I stay in Tigre?

The accommodation you choose for your getaway will depend on the number of days you want to stay, from going for lunch and coming back, to extending it for a weekend.

Accommodation for several days

There are many and very varied proposals to stay in Tiger. There are cheaper rooms, for those looking for price, but also more luxurious, for those who prefer comfort.

Hostels, cabin complexes, country houses, apartments for rent and five-star hotels are all possible options for you to choose from, within your budget and preference.

Options to spend the day

The paradores to enjoy the day have different prices depending on the season and the type of place. It is advisable to book in advance, especially when the hottest time of the year begins, because it is a very busy destination.

Activities in Tigre

Tiger It is full of activities to do, depending on what you like most. There are different alternatives for lovers of nature, food, adventure and relaxation.

Gastronomic offer in Tigre

There are different proposals that range from gourmet grocery stores to on-the-go grills. Around the Fruit Port, there is a wide range of restaurants with fresh catch of the day and signature pastas. Obviously there is also the traditional Argentine grill, a must on the menus of national restaurants. There are also fast food and convenience stores, in case you are in a hurry or prefer this style of eating.

On the islands of Deltathe options are narrowed down a bit, but there are several paradores with bars and restaurants to enjoy a great lunch with views of the river.


Delta walks

Know the Delta, its landscapes and the incredible views there are, it is the best possible connection with nature. You can choose between two options:

  • Boat trips: an experience full of relaxation with an incredible proximity to the river.
  • Bike rides: a more fun and exciting possibility, which allows you to explore on your own in the depths of the Delta.


Tiger Art Museum

He Tiger Art Museum It is known for having a collection of Argentine art, but also international. The building structure is already appreciated as a tourist attraction, due to its historic architecture and its riverfront location.


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