Ivanka Trump: This is how she enjoys her life outside of politics

Ivanka Trump: This is how she enjoys her life outside of politics

Former US President Trump is making headlines with his court case. Meanwhile, daughter Ivanka is enjoying her new life in Florida.

Donald Trump (77) is currently making headlines with an escapade in a New York court. After a verbal attack against a court employee, a judge imposed a fine of $10,000 on the former US president on Wednesday (October 25), according to US media reports – for the second time in a week. Trump then quickly left the room with the words “I’m leaving.”

Trump must stand trial for fraud. The accusation: The Republican is said to have manipulated the value of his Trump Organization for years in order to get cheaper loans and insurance contracts. His sons Donald Jr. (45) and Eric (39) and daughter Ivanka (41) were originally at the center of the indictment. But the latter, as she had already left the company in 2016.

Ivanka Trump distances herself from father Donald

In general, Ivanka Trump, who worked for her father for years and was also involved in the White House during his presidency, seems to want to distance herself from her father, at least publicly. , Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner (42) withdrew from Trump’s presidency in the final weeks. And when he announced in November 2022 that he wanted to run for president again, . When Donald Trump was first impeached in March 2023, Ivanka declared her support for her father and the US justice system in an ambiguous statement. Since then, father and daughter have not been seen together in public or on Instagram.

Instead of political issues, the Trump daughter’s family, philanthropy and a luxurious lifestyle are now at the top of the agenda again. Ivanka regularly shares snapshots of her children, her husband and travels on Instagram.

New life in Miami and return to being an It girl

There seems to be one main reason for all of this: Since Ivanka Trump distanced herself from her father, the former It girl is apparently back in her old circles of elite US society. Last weekend, Ivanka Trump was among the illustrious guests at the birthday party of none other than Kim Kardashian (43).

Before her time in politics, Ivanka Trump was an integral part of Manhattan’s high society and was a welcome guest on red carpets and charity events. However, her support of her father’s presidential campaign and later position as his father’s advisor reportedly left her ostracized from her former circles.

“The fact that Ivanka has managed to reintegrate into her social circles and distance herself from her father is not at all surprising,” “Business Insider” quotes entertainment lawyer Mitra Ahourain. “She really tried to distance herself from him after his presidency.”

Instead of Manhattan, Ivanka Trump now prefers Miami. The couple moved to Florida in 2021. Together with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children, she plans to soon move into their newly renovated house in the Indian Creek Island neighborhood, which is popular with numerous celebrities. Her neighbors include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (59).

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