End of love? Rumors of separation between Pampita and García Moritán grow

End of love?  Rumors of separation between Pampita and García Moritán grow

Carolina Pampita Ardohain and the Buenos Aires legislator Roberto García Moritan they would be separatedaccording to the rumor spread by representatives of the entertainment world, although there has not yet been official confirmation.

The social networks They immediately echoed the love epilogue, and even allowed themselves to joke that Pampita had separated from him. Pampita’s husbandas the businessman became known.


For example, the LAM shipment driver Angel de Brito threw an “enigmatic” on a “scandalous divorce” and they all concluded that they were, indeed, Pampita and his consort.


“In public, they appear happy with life, as if nothing was happening” but “the definitive separation is difficult because he would stop enjoying the benefits of her fame,” it was added.

The love story between the model and the Buenos Aires legislator was very sudden. They met through mutual friends, fell madly in love and in less than 6 months, they were married. They even had Anatheir little daughter together.


Previously, they had to move due to the rent increase

Pampita He revealed days ago that he had to move out of his house due to the increase in rent, since as a way of life, he always rents and that is why “every 3 years we have to move.”

“I’m always moving because I rent, every three years I move. Now the rent went up a lot and we moved. We are going to a smaller house. It was a ramble where we lived, we didn’t need something that big,” he explained.

In Partners of the Show (El Trece) it was revealed that “They rented a house for about 200 people, with 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.”

In addition, the residence has a kitchen with an island with a marble countertop and hanging lights, a room with a large window that overlooks a privileged view of the city, white marble on the floors and walls, and a playroom with a pool table.


The Benjamín Vicuña factor…

Immediately in the social networks there was speculation about the possibility of a “revival” of Pampita with her previous husband, the Chilean actor Benjamin Vicuna. The fact is that, in the last installment of the Martin Fierrothere seemed to be a special “feeling” between the two, and even Vicuna he made a “fucio” by saying that in this country he had met “one Love”in front of one’s own Moritanuncomfortable moment that immediately went viral.

The couple had 4 children: Blanca (born on May 15, 2006 in Santiago, Chile), Bautista (born on February 29, 2008 in Buenos Aires), Beltrán (born on June 8, 2012 in Santiago, Chile) and Benicio (born October 12, 2014 in Las Condes, Santiago de Chile). Blanca would later die when contracting a strange virus on a family trip through Mexico.

The “small detail” is that Pampita found Vicunaapparently insatiable in these tasks, having an affair with the actress Eugenia China Suarez, in the motorhome they used while filming a movie. This led to an almost immediate divorce…

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