Oliver Pocher and Amira: Cheating seems to be a “sore point”.

Oliver Pocher and Amira: Cheating seems to be a “sore point”.

You could feel Oliver Pocher’s pain over the separation from his wife Amira in the last few weeks through emotional Instagram posts. The topic of cheating has apparently been a “sore point” at Pocher for a long time.

It’s the finale of the successful podcast “Die Pochers”. Oliver Pocher announced on Instagram this week: “Due to the knowledge I have gained in the last few days and the resulting loss of trust, further collaboration with Amira is impossible. Our podcast ends with a final pre-recorded episode from September 11th next Friday.” – This Friday is October 27th, 2023 and although the content of the podcast episode is six weeks old, it gives a lot to think about about Pocher’s War of the Roses.

The last two episodes of the podcast were recorded in front of an audience in Cologne. Oliver and Amira Pocher were officially separated around six weeks ago. The end of their marriage after four years and a total of seven years of relationship became public at the end of August. They wanted to work together on projects as a “team” in the future, but this plan went wrong. Last week there were rumors that Amira Pocher has a new boyfriend, according to the “Bild” newspaper.

Oliver Pocher talks about cheating, Amira’s look changes

However, these rumors are fueled by the final podcast episode. At least the topic of cheating doesn’t seem to have been an issue in the Pocher household until this week. In the usual sarcastic way, there are repeated references to the new single life of the former partners in the last episode. What is noticeable is that the last episode mainly revolves around questions from the audience, meaning that the direct dialogue between the two is kept as narrow as possible.

A woman in the audience says that her friend also has a question. The Pochers then ask the couple how long they have been together. “Three and a half years gross,” is the answer and the viewer explains that nowadays a distinction is made between gross and net in the relationship. What is meant is that there were on-off phases that are hidden in the gross value. Oliver Pocher’s subsequent question is: “Which one of you two fucked around?” An awkward silence ensues and Amira says: “Sore point.” What is unclear here is: does she mean Oliver Pocher or the audience couple? Her husband, however, adds in an ambiguous tone: “No one will notice.”

Then the Pochers analyze their own relationship, he asks Amira: “How long were we together for gross?” She answers like a shot: “We were never separated.” He replies: “Yes, um, that’s why” and receives a fixed, angry look from Amira. Pocher quickly tries to humor the situation: “We’re still basically together.” The topic then quickly switches back to the viewer’s actual question and moves towards tennis, away from the sensitive topic of cheating.


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