Arnold Schwarzenegger: This stands in the way of marrying Heather

Arnold Schwarzenegger: This stands in the way of marrying Heather

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in a relationship with his Heather for ten years. He has now explained why there is still no wedding.

After his marriage to Maria Shriver (67) ended, Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) found happiness with physiotherapist Heather Milligan (48). The “Terminator” star and the American, who is almost 30 years younger, have now been a couple for around ten years. But a wedding is apparently not on the cards.

Maria and he belong “together forever”

“It’s not that easy because of the children,” explains Schwarzenegger in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. “Because for them, Maria and I belong together forever.” Their children Katherine (33), Christina (32), Patrick (30) and Christopher (26) accepted the relationship with Heather and they “like her too,” said Schwarzenegger, but: “Maria and I remain her parents, are your point of contact for all family matters. Heather knows this and completely respects it.” He is grateful to his partner for that: “That’s also why I love her. She understands me and my story.”

Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife Shriver announced their separation in 2011 – after 25 years of marriage. The former bodybuilder and ex-governor of California cheated on his wife with a long-time domestic worker, and the affair resulted in a child. Son Joseph Baena (26) was born in 1997 just a few days after Shriver and Schwarzenegger’s youngest child, Christopher.

Schwarzenegger also explains that his divorce is still his biggest defeat. “My marriage broke up when I was 65 and it was my fault. I had ruined my family and was lying face down in the dirt.” But he had the courage to start again. The “Terminator” star enthuses: “I didn’t just fall in love with Heather. She’s my soul mate, we have a happy relationship because we tick completely the same way.” She is “smart, a tough businesswoman and an extraordinary woman with a lot of heart,” says Schwarzenegger.

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