People: Heidi Klum unveils dazzling Halloween costume

People: Heidi Klum unveils dazzling Halloween costume

Top model Heidi Klum is known for her unusual Halloween costumes. This year the excitement was high again: What did the “Queen of Halloween” come up with this time?

Heidi Klum (50) once again lives up to her reputation as the “Queen of Halloween”: the German model came into the spotlight in New York as a shimmering peacock in a bright blue outfit, surrounded by ten dancers wearing shiny green peacock feathers. The spectacular group posed for photographers on their way to Klum’s traditional Halloween party.

The mother of four shared the elaborate transformation process with the help of make-up artists with her fans on Instagram during the day with snapshots and short videos. The Halloween queen also presented her tricks on Amazon Live.

At first she posed a riddle: alien, lizard or armadillo? Klum initially appeared with a scale-like forehead process, glued cheeks and a protruding back of the head. Then came colorful rhinestones, blue hair, silver fingers and orange feathers on her face. But it was only when she arrived at the party – with a beak mask, head feathers and her colorful entourage – that Klum’s disguise was visible.

Husband Tom Kaulitz wore the matching costume – the 34-year-old dressed up as a chubby peacock egg.

Klum was already a werewolf, an alien and a worm

Last year, the Rhineland native and “Germany’s Next Top Model” presenter appeared as a giant worm and became a hit on social media. There was a fishing hook in the thick tail end of the costume, and Kaulitz held the other end of the fishing rod in his hand as a creepy fisherman. Before that, Klum had been transformed into a werewolf, an alien or a significantly older version of herself.

The German model has been hosting a big party with many celebrity guests every Halloween on October 31st since 2000. Only in 2020 and 2021 was their legendary horror festival canceled due to the corona pandemic.

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