People: Schwarzenegger: Cell phones are taboo when you get up in the morning

People: Schwarzenegger: Cell phones are taboo when you get up in the morning

Bodybuilder, action star, businessman and governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a steep career. In his new book he talks about his seven rules for success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) says he doesn’t pick up his smartphone when he gets up. “When I get up in the morning, I don’t look at my cell phone, I just try not to think at all,” the actor and author told the news magazine “Stern.” “When I get up, I’m like I’m in a black and white film; only after I’ve done my workout do the colors come into my life.”

In Schwarzenegger’s opinion, the day should begin with feeling happiness. “Only then can I come to myself and deal with what’s happening in a positive way. That helps, regardless of whether you’re Chancellor or a hairdresser.”

In his latest work, “Be Useful. Seven Simple Rules for a Better Life,” Schwarzenegger presents his seven rules for success on how he was able to achieve his dreams and become a bodybuilder, action star, businessman and politician as governor of California. The book has been available for a good three weeks.

In the interview, the native Austrian advocated not just sitting on the cell phone or in front of the computer. “Get rid of these digital devices, throw away your tablets, don’t read about other people’s lives. Get rid of this negative garbage that is thrown up on social media every day,” he said. It makes him angry “when I meet young people and their smartphone shows that they have already spent several hours a day just looking at the screen.”

Source: Stern

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