Get into the Christmas spirit: With these tips it works

Get into the Christmas spirit: With these tips it works

The winter feels like it’s getting milder and the worries aren’t getting any less. There are a few tools to help you get into the cozy, romantic Christmas mood.

For many people, the Christmas season stands for contemplation, cosiness, a little romance and an overall positive mood – usually regardless of whether you are religious or not. But it’s difficult to get into the Christmas spirit on your own. Above all, current events and crises don’t necessarily make you feel good. To still get into the Christmas spirit, we have a few tips that can distract us from everyday life and create a positive feeling. Escapism: Get out of your worries and into a seemingly worry-free Christmas world, so to speak.

1. Tip: The right music

Music can immediately put us in a new mood. Christmas songs are of course wonderful for creating a Christmas atmosphere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more into Wham! or Mariah Carey: The main thing is that it sounds like Christmas. Extra tip: There are 90 million songs to listen to on Amazon Music without advertising – so there is a high probability that there will be something suitable for everyone. you can take out a free 30-day trial membership.

2nd tip: Bring on the Christmas decorations

Not only the right music can put us in the Christmas spirit, the outside is also important. So you should decorate your apartment for Christmas to create the right feeling: candles, fir greens and the like provide comfort and contemplation and make your rooms even more atmospheric.

3rd tip: Make an Advent wreath

Anyone who engages in Christmas activities will get into the Christmas spirit more quickly: make an Advent wreath with friends or family to get into the right feeling for the holidays. On the one hand, you ensure a nice get-together, and on the other hand, you end up with a beautiful Christmas decoration highlight for the apartment – or to give as a gift. You can decide for yourself whether it is or a shall be.

4th tip: Attach poinsettias

Similar to the Advent wreath, poinsettias also create the right Christmas atmosphere at home. You can either make them yourself or buy them ready-made. look particularly beautiful in the window and immediately create a romantic and festive atmosphere. They are available for both hanging and standing.

5. Tip: Bake cookies

As mentioned: Christmas activities put us in a festive mood. And what could be more Christmassy than baking Christmas cookies? So: Find a recipe that you like, gather your loved ones and produce kilos of Christmas cookies. This can be done especially in a suitable one Great to give as a gift and immediately releases positive vibes. And: The boxes can still be used.

6. Tip: Get an Advent calendar

Anticipation is known to be the most beautiful joy. And: It can also put us in the Christmas spirit. At least when it comes to the anticipation we feel when we think of the surprises in the Advent calendar. Whether it is for ourselves, for our partner, for the children, our favorite animals or friends: the calendars are simply part of it and make the Advent season just a little more beautiful. Either you can or choose a suitable finished model.

7th tip: decorate the Christmas tree

What would Christmas time be without one? ? But it doesn’t have to be huge and it doesn’t necessarily have to be real either. There are now artificial trees that look good and don’t need to be thrown away or disposed of. Or those made of metal that can be delicately and elegantly decorated and also create a great Christmas atmosphere. Either way: the tree is simply part of the Christmas atmosphere – in whatever form.

More tips to get into the Christmas spirit

  • Make your own mulled wine or non-alcoholic punch: the right (hot) drink is a must at Christmas time and in the right mood. Whether eggnog or mulled wine: With the right contents in the glass, you can get into the Christmas spirit more quickly. And: which you can use to make mulled wine, children’s punch or even tea, is available to buy ready-made and makes the process a little easier.
  • Pull out the Christmas sweater: Nothing too cheesy here. At Christmas time, the sweater can be wide, cozy and full of glitter or prints. That’s exactly what this time is for: to hardly have to worry about anything and to concentrate fully on the comfort.
  • Try out Christmas recipes: What’s actually on the table at Christmas? To get in the mood for the holidays, a rehearsal dinner is always nice – and delicious at the same time.

Another tip: With one you can also save money when shopping for suitable Christmas items.

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