“DSDS” star Pietro Lombardi: eerie break-in at his house on Halloween

“DSDS” star Pietro Lombardi: eerie break-in at his house on Halloween

On Halloween, burglars tried to break into Pietro Lombardi’s house. The “DSDS” star courageously put the criminals to flight.

“DSDS” star Pietro Lombardi (31) certainly didn’t imagine this year’s Halloween festival to be so scary. After costumed children with “Trick or Treat” on their lips made the rounds at his front door that evening, burglars came by later with crowbars in hand.

As the “DSDS” star told his fans shortly before midnight, it was only through his courageous demeanor that he managed to thwart an attempted break-in into his villa in Cologne. There he reported on the initially everyday course of the evening, in which he had just made himself comfortable in bed with his fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (27), along with baby Leano and dogs, to watch a film.

“And then the action started”

“And then the action started,” says Lombardi. “Then we just heard ‘Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam’. I notice: Something is happening in my house. My wife there, my child there.” After the initial shock, he immediately rushed to the ground floor of the house to see what was happening there. “I run down and see masked people trying to break the window with something.”

Clear words to the burglars

When the criminals saw the muscular singer, they apparently immediately fled and disappeared into the dark of the night. He immediately alerted the police, who quickly arrived “with eight or nine men” to secure evidence of the crime. Lombardi didn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night – which gave him time to vent his anger on Instagram. There he addressed, among other things, the following words to the burglars: “You little bastards, you dirty children. Anyone who touches my family, I swear to you, will not make these films. You dogs, old man.” And added: “Be happy that I didn’t grab one of you. I wouldn’t have let you go.”

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