Season two of “The Last of Us” already has a date to begin filming

Season two of “The Last of Us” already has a date to begin filming

The second season of “The Last of Us”a post-apocalyptic series based on the mega-popular video game of the same name, will begin filming in early 2024, according to the estimates of HBO executives regarding the eventual end of the strike that the Screen Actors Guild of the United States has been carrying out since the past. July 14.

According to the specialized site Variety, the news was announced this morning at a press conference by Casey Bloysthe director of the aforementioned network -belonging to the Warner Bros. Discovery conglomerate-, who still plans to release the continuation of the strip only in 2025.

“We already have everything outlined and we are ready to start as soon as the strike ends,” he added. Neil Druckmannthe creator and screenwriter of the original video game, about the installment that was confirmed at the end of last January, shortly before the first season finished airing, thanks to its enormous reception by critics and audiences.

In this regard, the screenwriter Craig Mazin -recognized as the person responsible for the miniseries “Chernobyl”– He also added that they had already “mapped” everything that will come, and said that he had sent the script for the first episode of the future season within hours of the start of the Writers’ Union strike, which lasted between May 2 and May 26. last September.

“It is a certainty that we are not going to be able to start filming when we expected to be able to, which is sad. We are all eager to get started,” he added.

“The Last of Us” became the most watched premiere on the HBO Max platform on its first day available in the catalog, even surpassing “House of the Dragon”, the prequel to “Game of Thrones”, and the second season from the famous youth drama “Euphoria”.

What The Last of Us is about

With the Chilean protagonists Peter Pascal and the young British actress Bella Ramseythe proposal narrates what happens two decades after modern civilization fell when a pandemic broke out caused by a mutated fungus that turns the humans it infects into a kind of living dead, devastating 60 percent of the world’s population.

In this scenario, Joel (Pascal) is an experienced survivor who lives in a quarantine zone harshly administered by the military within what used to be US territory, and who is tasked with smuggling out Ellie (Ramsey), a teenager from 14 years old who appears to be immune to the effects of the fungus.

However, what was a small job for Joel becomes a challenge, when the dangerous journey they embark on forces the duo to trust each other, beyond their personalities and insecurities, to survive in that hostile world.

After its premiere, the series received 24 Emmy Award nominations.including Best Drama Series, Best Leading Actor for Pascal and Best Leading Actress for Ramsey.

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