Tini Stoessel’s revelation regarding her mental health: “I went through a period of depression”

Tini Stoessel’s revelation regarding her mental health: “I went through a period of depression”

Tini Stoessel He revealed in an interview details of the mental health problems he recently went through.

“I went through a period of depression, anxiety, panic attacks… It was a difficult process”, was the revelation of Tini, who gave a name to the problems she went through. “When I gave a name to what was happening to me, I understood what was happening to me and I began to be able to verbalize what was happening to me.”

“This year I hit rock bottom with many aspects of my life, I decided to suspend a lot of things to get out of the hole I was living in.”

In another part of the interview, Tini highlighted the help of the professionals and people around her: “With the help of professionals I was able to put a name to what was happening to me”. “That people can understand it through the songs is going to be very special,” she concluded.

Tini’s background regarding her mental health

A few months ago during a show in Barcelona Tini revealed about her mental health: she said she suffered panic attacks and that it was even difficult for him to get out of bed, but that he is fighting it with the help of a psychologist and the presence of friends.

“Three weeks ago it was very far away for me to be able to go on stage again, and it was a goal that I set in my head. And being able to be here is a great achievement, thanks to you for all the love you give me, thank you very much “truly, thank you very much,” he confessed Martina Stoesselin the middle of his show.

TiniBefore the recital, he had explained: “Literally, three weeks ago I was in the process of hitting rock bottom. I couldn’t get out of bed. I had panic attacks, for different reasons, mine, personal”.

“I didn’t see myself capable of doing my hair again, of giving an interview, and it was thinking about having this tour in Spain, where I have a huge community, and I drew strength to achieve that goal,” the artist explained.

“My friends who traveled with me, my boyfriend, my psychologist with whom I have been in therapy every day for two months help me. And here I am”closed the singer who is going through a delicate moment in her mental health.

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