Matthew Perry’s inheritance: how much is his fortune and who will receive it

Matthew Perry’s inheritance: how much is his fortune and who will receive it
November 3, 2023 – 15:41

The actor had a successful career, and continued to generate profits from the series “Friends.” Where will his money go after his death.

The death of Matthew Perry took the entire television world by surprise, which did not stop sending messages of affection since the news was announced. tragic news. From this, one of the questions that was most circling is what would happen to the actor’s inheritancesince he had no wife or children.

Finally, it was known what will happen to the fortune he accumulated the comedian after a long career in film and television, marked by his successful stint in the series “Friends”. Furthermore, his salary had benefited thanks to the streaming: the series was on for many years Netflix and then it happened to HBO Maxwhich significantly increased royalties of each of the protagonists.

He lawyer of the actor and his family, Tre Lovellspoke with the American media Entertainment Tonightand revealed how much of the inheritance he accumulated throughout his life and that the recipient will continue to charge annually.

Matthew Perry’s inheritance: who will receive it?

“Matthew earned about US$20 million a year of residual income. This is going to continue like this as long as the episodes continue to repeat themselves,” the lawyer explained. This only represents what was earned from Friends broadcasts. In this way – and according to the Celebrity Networth site – Perry had a fortune of US$120 million.


The last photo of Perry and his father, which the actor had shared on Instagram.

The last photo of Perry and his fatherwhich the actor had shared in instagram.

IG @mattyperry4

In addition to the money, whoever inherits will also own the properties that Perry had. Not being married or having children, his parents will receive the money he leftthe fact that will receive in the future and any asset that I had.

Suzanne Morrison and John Bennett Perry -the actor’s parents- have been divorced for years, so they will receive the money in equal parts.


Perry with his mother and one of his sisters.

Perry with his mother and one of his sisters.

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The only condition under which this would not happen is that a will signed by the actorwhich would serve as last will with respect to his assets. Regarding this situation, Lovell confessed that there is a good chance that Perry has left his money destined for the foundation to assist addicts that he had founded.

“This is very likely, because he himself was involved. He had spent millions of dollars to achieve his own recovery and I’m sure that had a personal effect on him,” he concluded.

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