Brain: tips to improve short and long term memory

Brain: tips to improve short and long term memory
November 5, 2023 – 08:00

As we age, primary memory is the first to begin to fail. Luckily, there are different strategies that allow you to improve it, know what they are.

There are different strategies to enhance the memory short term, known as memory primary, and consequently also improve the long-term one. These methods are based on incorporating small healthy habits and dedicating time and attention to them in order to improve the functions of the brain.

The loss of the memory In the short term it has different consequences that can affect daily life, such as forgetting where we left an item or not remembering the name of an acquaintance. By applying these tools, you will be able to improve the quality of your memory and avoid these undesirable effects.

What is the function of short-term memory, an important brain function?

The function of the memory Short-term is based on retaining a small amount of information for a relatively short period of time, which is available for use immediately. The data can then be moved to long-term memory or deleted entirely.

What strategies can I follow to take care of short-term memory?

The best of the memory In the short term it is possible, but for that it is necessary to work on it and enhance it with different, but simple, methods and strategies. These tools can be done from home and should be complemented with the incorporation of healthy habits.

Cognitive stimulation

Cognitive stimulation is based on a set of activities that allow maintaining and improving cognitive functioning. It uses techniques that test attention, concentration and memory.

This method consists of performing a series of exercises in which the memory. For example, remembering series of digits and repeating them, such as a phone number, some type of listing or image.

Use all the senses

Exercises that incorporate the use of the senses favor the memory. An example of this method is relating aromas, people, phrases or sounds with memories already present in our brain.

Maintain healthy habits

Maintaining a healthy diet, resting appropriately and exercising enhance the correct functioning of the memory and the brain.

It is advisable to sleep between seven and eight hours a day, perform constant weekly physical activity and maintain a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning and development of the body.

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