Oliver Pocher rails against his estranged wife Amira Pocher in a TV interview

Oliver Pocher rails against his estranged wife Amira Pocher in a TV interview

After Oliver and Amira Pocher separated, the 45-year-old answered questions from RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig on TV. In the interview, the comedian appears hurt and rails against his wife.

The separation of Oliver and Amira Pocher has been making headlines for weeks. The fact that the comedian is emotionally hurt has been shown again and again in his Instagram postings, for example when he ended the joint podcast “Die Pochers” from one day to the next. “Due to the knowledge I have gained in the last few days and the resulting loss of trust, further collaboration with Amira is impossible,” he wrote in a post. Since then, he has no longer continued the podcast with Amira Pocher, but with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden.

In an interview with RTL “Exclusive” presenter Frauke Ludowig, the 45-year-old spoke live on television for the first time about his failed relationship with Amira. Pocher said he received pity from many quarters, but that was not his way of dealing with the situation. He processes the events with humor, even privately. “Amira deals with it differently. She paints pictures and plays the piano. If she thinks that’s her emotional state, then she should communicate it to the outside world,” said Pocher, alluding to the 31-year-old’s Instagram posts.

“There are phases in life that aren’t so great. I’ve already been through a separation with children. I actually thought, I’ve already experienced that, I don’t need it a second time. But then it comes quicker than you can hoped for,” said Pocher. He spoke again about loss of trust. All his attempts to save the relationship were hopeless because Amira had emotionally distanced herself from him. He would have liked more transparency in the past few weeks. “I expect you to have your balls in your pants and tell your partner what happened.” Regarding his estranged wife, he said: “Amira can remain as she is in her portrayal. Anyone who lies once will no longer be believed.” Amira Pocher has announced that she wants to take legal action against speculation about a possible new relationship.

Oliver Pocher: “Amira lacks emotional maturity”

He would like the two of them to have a normal relationship with each other, especially for their sons. “But I see it as rather difficult with Amira. She lacks emotional maturity. I would be more relaxed, she can’t separate them like that,” claimed Pocher. He has already had experience with public separations, including with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, with whom he has three children. The experience is new for Amira. There was no fraud and no loss of trust in the separation from Meyer-Wölden. The couple simply grew apart.

In the interview, Pocher can be seen how offended and hurt he is. The last word doesn’t seem to have been spoken yet. He announced: “My outlet is comedy. I’m not quite finished with the event yet.”

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