Etty’s touching diary

Etty’s touching diary
Bettina Buchholz and Rudi Müllehner

“Nevertheless, life is beautiful,” wrote Etty Hillesum in her diary in 1943. She is housed in the Westerbork transition camp and must expect to be transferred to a concentration camp in Poland at any time. In an intense, touching, but equally humorous hour and a half, the Dutch author was introduced through her diaries at the premiere of the staged reading “Etty Hillesum & Leonard Cohen” on Saturday in the Linz Tribüne. Writer-director Johannes Neuhauser gave Etty’s thoughts additional depth with Cohen’s songs. Bettina Buchholz brought the many facets of the progressive author to light, while Rudi Müllehner gave the evening a sensitive touch with the Cohen songs.

Further performances until December 16th, information: tribuene-linz.at

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