Amira Pocher and her handling of the separation from Oliver Pocher

Amira Pocher and her handling of the separation from Oliver Pocher

While Oliver Pocher lets his anger out, Amira Pocher deals with the separation a little more subtly. The presenter still sends a few tips.

The Pocher couple, who are still married, couldn’t deal with the end of their relationship more differently. On Sunday, Oliver Pocher vented his anger in an interview with Frauke Ludowig. He spoke bitterly about his estranged wife Amira, who had originally caused the separation.

He said that his way of dealing with sad things was comedy, but he didn’t make any jokes. “For my part, I try to be relatively normal in the interests of the children,” said Pocher, before adding: “I see it as more difficult with Amira. I think she still lacks emotional maturity.” Just one of many taunts against the mother of two of his children.

Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher: different strategies

But what does the make-up artist and presenter do while her husband is dishing it out in front of an audience of millions? The Austrian continues to take her fans with her in everyday life on her Instagram profile. It consists, among other things, of piano lessons. But the mother of two children doesn’t just let off steam on the instrument. She also discovered drawing. Creative distraction from the War of the Roses.

But Amira Pocher also subtly sends a few tips via Instagram. So she unfollowed her husband after he made posts against her for the first time. And her friendship with Pocher’s first ex-wife, Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, also seems to be broken. After Meyer-Wölden replaced Amira on the couples podcast “Die Pochers”, Amira quickly unfollowed her too. And that despite the fact that Meyer-Wölden asserted in the first joint episode that she didn’t want to do a “settlement podcast” and that she wanted to continue to be friends with Amira.

Amira Pocher can keep the separation away from her Instagram profile, but she hasn’t turned off the comments under her post. And so users continue to speculate wildly. About the reasons for the end of the marriage, about the allegations and accusations in the room. Some people are wondering why the 31-year-old doesn’t comment on allegations made by her husband. So far, her social media appearance doesn’t give the impression that she will do that soon – Amira Pocher probably has that much emotional maturity.

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