Hans Meiser’s daughter: “We as a family are all very shocked”

Hans Meiser’s daughter: “We as a family are all very shocked”

Hans Meiser’s death apparently came as a surprise not only to the television landscape, but also to his family, as his daughter reveals.

There is great sadness for television icon Hans Meiser (1946-2023). The TV and radio presenter died on October 30th at the age of 77. Now his daughter Anouk has spoken out and explained that Meiser’s death came as a surprise to her and the entire family. “We as a family are all very shocked because we didn’t expect his death,”

“He was simply too weak”

Hans Meiser died on October 30th. “Shortly before, he had an operation that he unfortunately didn’t cope well with. But this operation was unavoidable. The clinic gave him excellent care and did everything humanly possible. He was simply too weak,” she continues.

As Meiser’s business partner Harald Thoma reported to the station, it was said to have been an orthopedic procedure on his back. Regarding the funeral, daughter Anouk only reveals: “He will soon be buried in the closest family circle. But we won’t announce where or when.”

Hans Meiser’s impressive TV career

Hans Meiser is considered a television icon, the man from the very beginning of private television and a pioneer of talk show formats in the 90s. After moving to RTL plus in the 1980s, Meiser was initially an anchorman for the local news programs. In 1992 he started with “Hans Meiser” and the show was only discontinued in 2000.

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