The super healthy snack that has more potassium than banana and more calcium than milk

The super healthy snack that has more potassium than banana and more calcium than milk
November 8, 2023 – 09:00

This food deserves a prominent place in your diet, since its nutritional profile and health benefits make it a smart choice.

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Although we often overlook the magnitude of their nutritional value, pistachios They are a superfood In all rules. These nuts They are widely consumed around the world due to their taste and health benefits. health.

They are a rich source of nutrientsincluding proteinshealthy fats, fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin B6), and minerals (such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus). A 30 g serving of pistachios contains approximately 160 calorieswhich makes them an excellent healthy snack.



Does pistachio make you fat?

Despite being caloric, pistachios may help with weight management due to their ability to promote satiety and reduce appetite. According to nutritionists, the ideal portion is a handful a dayand a total of 50 a week.

They can be consumed alone as snack, although they are also used in the preparation of ice cream, desserts, cakes, and are incorporated into savory dishes such as salads, soups and sauces. They contain around 20 grams of protein, making them a great option for vegetarians.

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Pistachio or milk: which has more calcium

exist food that become popular for containing high amounts of a particular element. For example, him calcium It is a crucial mineral for bone and dental health, and milk It is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of calcium. Now, pistachios are also a surprisingly rich source of this mineral.

Although milk is an excellent source of calcium, 100 grams of pistachios contain approximately 136 mg of calcium, while 100 ml of milk contains around 120 mg.


Which has more potassium, banana or pistachio?

Along the same lines, when we talk about potassium, bananas are the first topic of conversation. However, this mineral, essential for muscle function, blood pressure and cardiovascular health, is even more present in pistachio.. A banana average size contains about 358 mg of potassiumwhile 100 grams of pistachios provide approximately 1000 mg of potassium.

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