Did Heidi Klum force her husband into the egg?: Plain text by Tom Kaulitz

Did Heidi Klum force her husband into the egg?: Plain text by Tom Kaulitz

Did Tom Kaulitz turn into a peacock egg for Halloween just at Heidi Klum’s request? The musician now clarified a few things.

At this year’s Halloween party in New York last week, Heidi Klum (50) once again appeared in the most extravagant costume of the evening. But did the model simply force her husband Tom Kaulitz (34) into an extremely uncomfortable peacock egg to complement her peacock costume? At least that’s what some observers assumed and expressed their suspicions on social networks in the days after the celebration in New York. But that is by no means the case, as the Tokio Hotel star has now revealed with Bill Kaulitz (34).

Tom Kaulitz: “I want to have a costume that no one has”

After brother Bill explains in the latest issue of “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood” that he “read so many comments, including from people who said: ‘Poor Tom! What are they doing to him?'” The Tokio Hotel guitarist made it clear that his wife Klum had not forced him to do anything.

“That’s the cool thing about Halloween. I want to have a costume that no one has. That’s not just wannabe-cool, scary or something. But also stupid. An egg is so incredibly stupid that I thought: That’s it “It’s great,” explains the 34-year-old.

Brother Bill, however, suspects that many outsiders who don’t know Tom personally wouldn’t trust him “to have a sense of humor. Otherwise, when people see you like that, they think you take yourself very seriously. I think you have it again a new page, a new image of you shown.”

Tom didn’t want to get out of his egg anymore

Following this exchange, Tom Kaulitz describes some of the experiences of the Halloween celebrations in New York in the two brothers’ podcast. From time to time he retreated into his egg to drink. Because: “The egg was so big that my hands couldn’t reach my mouth.”

Meanwhile, brother Bill was wondering why his twin was constantly disappearing into the egg. “I thought the funniest thing was that your face always disappeared into the egg and I asked myself: What is he doing in the egg? You went back into your egg like a turtle, were gone for a while and then came out again,” he said Bill.

Because of his unusual costume, Tom Kaulitz was faced with various hurdles and obstacles, as he revealed. As soon as he entered the party, he “bumped everyone around” because the egg was very big and he bumped into people everywhere. But he didn’t want to take off his costume and leave it because of such restrictions.

“Everyone always said, ‘Now get out of the egg.’ “I just look like a white freak,” says Tom.

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