The Marvels arrives in theaters and is supported by its trio of heroines

The Marvels arrives in theaters and is supported by its trio of heroines
November 9, 2023 – 00:00

The film directed by Nia DaCosta and starring Brie Larson cannot escape the Marvel formulas.

For some time now, everything that touches Marvel It is no longer gold. In recent weeks, a lot has been known about internal movements and how certain uncertainty regarding critical and box office results is beginning to affect the studio. The Marvels comes to theaters in the middle of this situation and the result is far from the best they ever knew how to give us.

The film directed by Nia DaCosta It suffers from several script holes but manages to sustain itself thanks to the chemistry of its protagonists.

What The Marvels is about

The film features Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), has regained his identity from the tyrannical Kree and has taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unforeseen consequences leave Carol bearing the weight of a destabilized universe. When her duties send her into an anomalous wormhole linked to a Kree revolutionary, her powers become entangled with those of Jersey City superfan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), and Carol’s estranged niece, now SABER astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work together to save the universe.

The first thing is to know that the film works as a direct sequel to Captain Marvel (2019), but also from Avengers: Endgame (2019), that is only in what corresponds to cinema. Regarding the Marvel universe in the series, it is necessary to know that we met Kamala Khan in the series Ms. Marvel (2022) and Monica Rambeau in the series WandaVision (2021), but it would also be important to see the series Secret Invasion (2022) to better understand why Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is in space… And yes, maybe it’s a lot to take into account.

Leaving aside what is recommended to see before arriving at The Marvelsthe story is not difficult to follow Carol, Monica and Kamala must form a team to stop the plans of the Dar-Benn village (Zawe Ashton), a Kree warrior who seeks revenge against Carol. The story unfolds between somewhat tedious explanations of space-time holes, combats that do not surprise and comedy situations that often do not fulfill their purpose. The visit to a planet where everyone communicates by singing deserves a special mention… This gives a completely forgettable Bollywood scene.

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Marvel Studios

The Marvels in the UCM

As is already known, each Marvel movie or series is part of a larger plan. There are movies like Guardians of the Galaxy or series how Loki that manage to sustain themselves beyond the great universe, The Marvels It stays halfway, or perhaps even further away. The end of the film and especially a post-credits scene (highly anticipated characters) were the most celebrated moments. Can a post-credits scene save a movie? In a way the film directed by Nia DaCosta bet too much on that.

The Marvels is now available in theaters nationwide.

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