A cycle about dance and cinema

A cycle about dance and cinema

“Stage Memories”, by Claudia Sánchez, about great masters of folk dance, began yesterday at the Gaumont, the Borges Cultural Center and other venues the 2nd International Embodied Chamber Festival, free of charge, dedicated to the relationship between dances from all over the world and gender and audiovisual art. In total, 58 works from 16 countries, from Ireland to the south, in addition to talks and workshops. Noteworthy, among other titles, “Carrete: The Gipsy Fred Astaire” (Ana González, Spain), “Mbaru” (Fersya Adam, Indonesia), “Heart of Glass” (Clara Vieyra, Brazil), “Memoria de Efuka Lontange: from the Congo to Uruguay” (Cecilia Lagwagen, Uruguay), “Steps of Freedom” (Ruan Magan, Ireland), “Ghostly Labor” (JJ Leaños & V. Sánchez, USA), “A butterfly is calling on the window ” (Mohammad Hasani, Iran), the national “Chacapoeira” (Daina Berlusconi & Lucas Prado), “Persecuta. 100 years of Piazzola” (Marcelo Lupis), etc. The meeting is part of the Ibero-American Videodance Network and the Argentine Videodance Circuit.

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