Beauty Advent Calendar: These cosmetic calendars are worth it in 2023

Beauty Advent Calendar: These cosmetic calendars are worth it in 2023

If you don’t want to sweeten your pre-Christmas season with traditional chocolate, you can also use a beauty advent calendar. We reveal which models will impress in 2023.

Whether cosmetics, make-up or accessories: Beauty Advent calendars have a lot in store for buyers – but they usually also have a fairly high purchase price. At least compared to models with chocolate. We looked at which models are particularly worthwhile in 2023 given their different features.

Beauty advent calendar for women

The online voucher code platform Savoo used Google searches to investigate which beauty advent calendars offer the best value for money among the most searched models. The first four places are occupied by models from Lookfantastic, Sephora, M. Asam and Glossybox. Although many calendars are designed for women, they can of course also be used by men.

Advent calendar from Lookfantastic

According to the study, buyers would get the best price-performance ratio receive. You can save around 510 euros if you add up the retail price of the products. You can find popular brands such as MAC, Elemis and Rituals. It also has a high search volume among customers, as the platform found out – and therefore seems to be particularly popular. It is also comparatively cheap for a calendar from this segment: it costs 115 euros.

Advent calendar from Glossybox

It is also aimed primarily at women or girls . And this model also does well in Savoo’s comparison, at least in terms of price-performance ratio. It offers the biggest savings: buyers should save a total of 556 euros if they choose the Advent calendar instead of the individual products. It also includes high-quality brands and, for example, a six-piece brush set – so customers have a lot to offer. And that for just under 100 euros purchase price.

Advent calendar from Sephora

Also the performs well in both the Savoo ranking and customer reviews. It contains 26 products and is available in three variations. It also includes a wide range of different brands and products: such as Drunk Elephant, Make Up For Ever or Christophe Robin. And many of them can even be found in their original size. On average, a product in the calendar costs just over five euros, the total price is around 150 euros, the value is around 395 euros. Buyers should therefore save around 245 euros.

Advent calendar from Asambeauty

The Advent calendar from Asambeauty is also one of the frequently recommended models with significant savings compared to existing products when purchased individually. Customers have the choice between three variants: one one and a premium version. In the latter, all products are available in their original size, while in the others you can find some surprises in sample sizes – they are also a little cheaper than the premium model, which costs around 170 euros.

Beauty advent calendar for men

While many of the featured beauty advent calendars include creams, accessories and decorative cosmetics, advent calendars aimed at men are more likely to be filled with creams, shaving accessories or beauty tools such as a comb or nail scissors. Among other things, these models will be worthwhile in 2023.

Advent calendar from Lookfantastic

While the comparison winner on the Savoo platform is aimed at women, there is also another one . It costs 90 euros and, according to the provider, contains products with a total value of around 385 euros. There are surprises from the areas of hair, skin and body care as well as wellness, for example from Rituals or Bulldog.

Advent calendar from Balea

At the online giant Amazon, among other things, the particularly well received by customers. It only costs 40 euros and should contain products worth twice as much. These include products from the skin and body care sectors.

Advent calendar from Douglas

But also that has received very good reviews on Amazon so far and seems to be popular with customers. For a purchase price of just under 80 euros, a value of 140 euros awaits buyers. Also included are beauty accessories, shower utensils, a fragrance and more.

By the way: The star also tested Flaconi’s Advent calendars and revealed whether the model for men and the model for women are worth it.

Beauty Advent Calendar Unisex

Some beauty advent calendars are designed to be used by women, others are aimed more at the needs of men. Then there are also completely gender-neutral Advent calendars that are (or should be) aimed at all skin types and needs.

Advent calendar from Rituals

Like the exclusive one . It comes as an illuminated 3D winter village and is therefore particularly decorative. The little houses are filled with different surprises: from skincare and beauty to wellness accessories, the products are gender-neutral and have something for everyone.

Advent calendar from Junglück

It is not only neutral and high-quality in appearance, but also appealing in content . According to the manufacturer, the care is suitable for every skin type, gender and age. Only pure active ingredients and ingredients on a predominantly natural basis are used, and the calendar is particularly sustainable. The star has tested the Junglück Advent calendar 2023 in detail, you can read the test here.

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