After bloody “Fame Fighting”: Gigi Birofio had to undergo emergency surgery

After bloody “Fame Fighting”: Gigi Birofio had to undergo emergency surgery

After Gigi Birofio’s bloody celebrity boxing match against Can Kaplan, he had to undergo emergency surgery. The reality star now revealed this.

In the trash format “The Summer House of the Stars” the fists were still mostly verbally flying between the testosterone quarrels Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (24) and Can Kaplan (23) – until the broadcaster RTL reported the two and their respective partners due to an actual scuffle sat in front of the door. Last week a boxing match took place between Birofio and Kaplan as part of “Fame Fighting”. This had dramatic consequences for the first-named would-be Muhammad Ali, like himself. Gigi had to undergo an emergency operation.

With a thick nasal plaster and a nasal voice, Gigi reports on his conversation with the doctor: “Short summary: I had my nose shown, the doctor looked and after checking he said: ‘Gigi, we have to do an emergency operation.’ “

Gigi surprises with a sick note

But then the 24-year-old comes along with a real plot twist: According to this, he had a nose fracture a week before the fight, which had already been confirmed by a doctor at the time. But because he really wanted to compete in a celebrity boxing match against his “Sommerhaus” archenemy, he let the doctor give him the go-ahead – “at his own risk.” “Even more things were broken” there.

In order to prove his statements, he then posted a certificate from his health insurance company, on which, in addition to the date of issue (October 23, 2023), the suspected diagnosis of “septal hematoma; nasal bone fracture” can be seen. The “Fame Fighting” event took place last Saturday (November 4th), around a week later.

Gigi Birofio and Can Kaplan didn’t give each other anything for free in their boxing match; they each sent each other to the boards once in the first round. After that, however, Kaplan dominated, and his opponent, who was now bleeding heavily, was unable to recover from another knockdown in round three.

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