Amira and Oliver Pocher: That’s how quickly they can get their marriage over with

Amira and Oliver Pocher: That’s how quickly they can get their marriage over with

Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher’s relationship can no longer be repaired, as the comedian recently made clear in an interview with Frauke Ludowig. How the two go about their everyday separation – and why everything could happen quickly.

The separation of Oliver and Amira Pocher was announced for months, but in the end it happened very quickly. Meanwhile, the friendly relationship between the two, which they had repeatedly emphasized, no longer exists. As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the parents of two children together are now only supposed to have contact via WhatsApp – and only in writing.

Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher: Contact only in writing

The goal is to have little personal contact and just to organize the children’s everyday life. In fact, things could happen quickly in the Pocher case. “From my side, there are two points. We can clarify them quickly. And then that’s fine,” he said in an RTL interview with presenter Frauke Ludowig. “Why should I wait?” he asked rhetorically. “It’s relatively quick. If you want it, you have to register and then you have to show a year of separation. You can say that things were already broken before,” he explained and explained that theoretically the year of separation could already be in February. be through”.

At least the finances shouldn’t complicate the Pochers’ divorce. In March of this year, the two revealed in a joint “Bild” interview that they had a marriage contract. “We also have different accountants,” said Amira Pocher. Her husband also revealed at the time that the two had decided to separate their property. “In hindsight, I have to say that it was a mistake on my part that we don’t have a community of gainers. I should probably have done that differently,” he told the newspaper.

Divorce could be over quickly

With community gains, the assets earned by both spouses are equalized in the event of a divorce. This is the automatic regulation if you don’t sign a marriage contract. In the event of a separation of property, the spouses’ assets remain separate.

Even if the Pochers’ marriage could quickly be legally over, the public mudslinging is likely to continue for a while. Pocher has just announced his new comedy tour “Der Liebeskasper”. “For me, the best therapy is that we all laugh about it together,” he told Ludowig.

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