Jared Leto: US star climbs the Empire State Building

Jared Leto: US star climbs the Empire State Building

Oscar winner Jared Leto climbed the Empire State Building. He is the first person to do this legally. That’s behind the Hollywood star’s action.

Jared Leto climbed to the top of New York’s Empire State Building. As US media reports, the campaign was a publicity stunt. The actor and musician wanted to use it to promote the upcoming world tour of his band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

The Hollywood star reportedly scaled part of the exterior of the famous building. He is said to have been the first person to ever legally climb to the top of the landmark, officials said

Jared Leto climbs the Empire State Building

After the climb, the 51-year-old told NBC: “To tell the truth, I was more excited than nervous. But I have to be honest, it was very, very difficult. It was much more difficult than I thought.” A lot of perseverance is required, he said.

Leto, who is considered an avid rock climber, reportedly climbed from the 86th to the 104th floors on the east side of the building. He then continued to the famous antenna of the Empire State Building. During the ascent he was secured with ropes.

“It’s unbelievable,” Leto said. “Watching the sun rise over the city means so much to me. Ever since I was a child, New York has been the place to go to make your dreams come true.” He added, “And as a little kid I wanted to be an artist, and New York was the place you came to be an artist. And the Empire State Building was always this symbol of that to me.”

Thirty Seconds to Mars are going on a world tour

Leto will tour with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars – which he founded in 1998 with his older brother Shannon Leto – starting in March 2024. The tour is scheduled to run until September 2024 and celebrate the band’s sixth studio album, “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day.”

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