Oliver Pocher wants to use his separation for comedy. What’s missing: the joke

Oliver Pocher wants to use his separation for comedy.  What’s missing: the joke

Oliver Pocher is injured and lovesick. To cope with this, he uses his humor, says the comedian. But his handling of the separation is anything but funny.

There is a saying in English: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Oliver Pocher also wants to make the best of his current situation. The comedian is hurt by his estranged wife Amira and the relationship of trust can hardly be repaired. To deal with this, he uses his humor. At least that’s what he says. Because, similar to his previous failed relationships, Pocher is currently primarily dishing out things – below the belt and in public.

Oliver Pocher: He uses every opportunity to beat Amira

He first used Instagram to speak out against his estranged wife and make unambiguous accusations against her. Then he appeared in an interview with Frauke Ludowig last Sunday to complain, gossip and taunt. All under the guise of comedy. “So I’m making fun of the situation. I have a penalty there and I’m going to convert it. And I’m going on tour now and also online. And so I have a lot to say and that’s what I’m doing,” he said to Ludowig.

But what actually comes around during Pocher’s public appearances is neither comedy nor funny. The comedian lacks far too much self-irony and subtlety. Although he acts as if he were targeting himself, so far every stab he makes has been against the mother of two of his children.

Pocher follows suit, as some people might do when faced with one partner or a partner was injured. Clumsy, insulting and insulting. Like a fifth-grader who has just received his first basket, Pocher stands in the schoolyard of the TV landscape and shouts “The stupid cow!” Only with cameras and an audience of millions.

Sandy Meyer-Wölden wants to appease and fails

He also uses his new (old) podcast with ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden to take swipes at Amira. Pocher talks about Pocher for almost the entire second episode. He describes it as “ridiculous” that his estranged wife unfollowed his ex-wife Meyer-Wölden on Instagram, claims that the many negative comments on her profile are partly constructive and makes fun of her new hobby – drawing. Meyer-Wölden struggles to appease her former partner; she repeatedly tries to be the voice of reason. When you listen to the episode, you can almost feel sorry for the 40-year-old. What did she do to herself with the podcast?

Just like a fifth-grader in the schoolyard, one would advise Pocher to mend his heart first before dishing it out in public. Then the lemon-lemonade no longer tastes so bitter.

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