Naomi Campbell: Model appears almost naked in new campaign

Naomi Campbell: Model appears almost naked in new campaign

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was photographed almost naked for Alexander Wang’s new campaign. Why some fans aren’t thrilled.

In new photos, supermodel Naomi Campbell (53) shows herself almost completely naked and only wearing silver, pointed studs and high heels. The model also wears her hair in an unusual mullet cut. come from the new campaign by designer Alexander Wang (39). Campbell is only wearing black denim shorts and his brand handbag.

Enthusiasm and criticism from fans

Campbell’s fans are thrilled with the 53-year-old’s new photos, as can be seen in the comments section. “What a powerful photo. Really engaging,” commented one follower. “She still beats everyone out there. The ultimate top model,” enthuses another. And famous friends also seem to be blown away by the snapshots. “God, I love you. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” writes Liz Hurley’s (58) son Damian (21). “Wonderful,” comments actress Hannah Waddingham (49) in capital letters.

However, there is also criticism in the comments for Campbell’s collaboration with Alexander Wang. The designer was followed by several models in 2020. Wang initially denied the allegations and apologized.

Source: Stern

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