Davide Renne: Moschino creative director dies at 46

Davide Renne: Moschino creative director dies at 46

Davide Renne recently took over the position of creative director at Moschino. Now the designer has died unexpectedly.

Italian fashion designer Davide Renne died shortly after being appointed creative director. The Italian luxury group Aeffe, the parent company of Moschino, announced this on Friday. According to the Ansa news agency, he died in Milan at the age of 46 “after being hospitalized a few days ago for a heart problem.” Renne had previously worked for the fashion company Gucci for a long time. He was supposed to present his first collection for Moschino at Milan Fashion Week in February 2024.

Mourning for Davide Renne

“There are no words,” said Massimo Ferretti, CEO of Aeffe, “to describe the immeasurable pain we are experiencing in this dramatic moment.” Ansa further quoted him: “Davide had only joined us a few days ago when a sudden illness ended his young life far too early. We still can’t believe what happened.” Renne managed “to make us love and respect him immediately. We are now left with the responsibility to continue what his imagination and creativity could only be imagined.” Renne’s family expressed his condolences to Ferretti.

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