Oasis legend Noel Gallagher: Over 20 million for his second divorce

Oasis legend Noel Gallagher: Over 20 million for his second divorce

The divorce trial between Noel Gallagher and Sarah MacDonald is over. The ex-couple were able to reach an agreement and large sums of money are now being paid out.

Noel Gallagher (56) has to pay his ex-wife Sara MacDonald (52) over 20 million pounds (around 22.8 million euros) after their divorce. She is also expected to keep the villa, worth eight million pounds (around 9.1 million euros). According to the media report, various experts and insiders have estimated this sum, which was agreed upon at a hearing last month.

It is said that the former couple consciously wanted to avoid a public mudslinging, but in the final phase of the divorce they only communicated through lawyers. The two were relieved and happy after they came to an agreement. Gallagher and MacDonald then celebrated abroad – he in Las Vegas with the band U2 and she with friends in Ibiza.

The music legend is said to have moved out of their shared property in the South Downs in Hampshire after the split and is currently living in the five-star hotel in London. Meanwhile, his new apartment in Maida Vale is being renovated.

They were a couple for over 20 years

MacDonald and the “Wonderwall” singer met in 2000 and married in 2011. They have two sons, Donovan, 15, and Sonny, 12. At the beginning of the year it was said that the children remained their priority and they wanted to continue to look after them together.

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