Megan Fox: She would have preferred not to have this tattoo

Megan Fox: She would have preferred not to have this tattoo

Megan Fox has over 20 tattoos. Not every one has been a good decision. One thing is particularly bothering her now – and she has to go.

Megan Fox (37) has revealed which tattoo she wants to have reworked. She said on “The Drew Barrymore Show” that she didn’t like one of her tattoos. “It’s my whole arm, so it’s no big deal,” she said sarcastically, “but it’ll be okay, we’ll save it.” , Fox probably got a tattoo in the days between the appearance and a book reading in New York on November 7th.

The “Transformers” actress’ body is decorated with over 20 different tattoos. Many of them are her favorite quotes – for example the words “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” from William Shakespeare’s play “King Lear” on her right shoulder blade. As her career progressed, tattoos became her trademark. She explained that she also had doubts about tattoos, saying: “As they get older, you regret them because they just don’t look good anymore […].”

This isn’t the first time she’s regretted getting a tattoo

Just a few months ago, Megan Fox got an old love tattoo from her marriage to Brian Austin Green (50). Instead of his first name, a snake is now immortalized on her body, stretching from her hips to her bikini line. Her tattoo artist posted a .

Her current partner, Machine Gun Kelly (33), is also a fan of body art. Almost his entire body is covered with engraved symbols and words. Last year he got a partner tattoo of the two – a voodoo doll on each left ring finger. Was that a good idea? Back in 2011, Megan Fox had her Marylin Monroe tattoo lasered away because she allegedly suffered from a personality disorder. “I don’t want to attract that kind of negative energy in my life,” she said at the time.

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