I discovered how to eliminate localized fat without extreme diets

I discovered how to eliminate localized fat without extreme diets
November 13, 2023 – 3:00 p.m.

Losing weight is seen mainly as an aesthetic issue, however its importance is in improving your quality of life. Learn how to maintain a healthy weight.


Many people begin to search Improve your health and regulate your weightbeing closer to summer. However, It is important not to fall for false information and consume supplements or follow “magic” diets that can be harmful to health.

Maintain a diet It does not mean having an eating plan that is impossible to follow. On the contrary, if they are actions that cannot be sustained over time, they will be ineffective. The objective of this series of recommendations is that you can incorporate them into your daily life and transform them into a healthy habit that lasts over time.

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It is important to be clear that There are no magical or miraculous diets. Getting to work on losing weight is a difficult and tedious routine, especially for those who have never been on a diet. The goal is conscious eating and incorporating good eating habits. Sport in the daily routine is also a fundamental link on the path to a healthier life.

Changes are not noticeable overnight. Stay patient and be persistent They are the keys to success. Above all, you should not get obsessed with the number on a scale, since the true changes are not reflected there.

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Habits to maintain a healthy weight

  • Increase consumption of real foodThat is, incorporate vegetables, fruits, legumes, and foods with natural components.
  • He consumption of green vegetables It contributes to cleansing the body and deflating the stomach.
  • Use healthy cooking methods When preparing food it is very important. Avoid frying and excess oils and salt in foods.
  • Cook It is important to know what what we consume really contains.


  • Makes exercise 3 times a week. Accompanying a varied diet with physical activity is essential.
  • Avoid or reduce consumption of sugar, refined products, sugary sodas, salt, sweeteners, and refined flours.
  • Stay hydratedwhether with water, coffee, tea, or even smoothies.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • It is recommended don’t skip meals.

4 meals a day

Although not all organisms have the same nutritional requirements, maintain at least four meals a day It can be beneficial for your health. This way of eating allows you to distribute your caloric intake throughout the day and avoid excesses in a single meal or snacking.

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What foods to incorporate into each meal?

Breakfast/Snack: Dairy, cereal or protein and, if possible, a vegetable or fruit to provide more fiber. Dish idea: Coffee with milk + Whole wheat toast with fresh cheese and tomato.

Lunch: Vegetable + protein and/or cereal. Dish idea: Sautéed vegetables with brown rice and chicken.

Dinner: Vegetables + protein.

It is advisable to incorporate portions of healthy foods between meals to control the feeling of hunger and avoid snacking. In this way, you also avoid arriving too hungry and incorporating more calories than necessary. There are several healthy options to incorporate during meals: they can be cereals, some fruit or healthy fats such as nuts or avocado.

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