Pushnik and his life in songs

Pushnik and his life in songs
Rene Puschnik celebrates his 60s with songs and a concert.
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I do not need anything. These words are often heard when people are asked what they would like on milestone birthdays that clearly reflect the passage of time. Rene Puschnik was no different. But he gave himself a gift for his 60s: a concert with old songs and the newer ones from his current album “Noh am Wassa”, the first in 15 years. “I’m playing my life’s work,” says Puschnik.

The sound theater in its hometown of Wels will open its doors again on November 18th from 7:30 p.m. Because the atmosphere there is so cool, Puschnik wanted to play here with a band. The wish was fulfilled for the sales manager, who, as the son of a professional musician, only partly followed the undoubtedly existing genes.

The time, the circumstances, there are many explanations for why the songwriter Puschnik never went all out. But that might not be his nature either. If you listen closely to “Noh am Wossa”, you will see a man who pours his experiences and observations into harmonious songs that really groove, rock and sometimes touch your heart. Because he is all of those things.

When he goes on stage in a week, he’ll enjoy it, he’s aiming for a relaxing time, as he says, and yet his perfectionist streak means he’s at risk of not just letting things take their course. But in the end it’s about being authentic – and Puschnik is definitely that in his music too. And sometimes in life too. “Ziagn losn” is a song about letting go when the children set out on their journey. Pushnik not only learned the lesson, he also wrote a very fitting song from it. You will hear that too.

Current album: Puschnik “Noh am Wossa”

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