Former supermodel Linda Evangelista talks about extreme diets to maintain her weight

Former supermodel Linda Evangelista talks about extreme diets to maintain her weight

Harmful detoxes and starvation diets: ’90s supermodel Linda Evangelista opens up about her extreme diet to be skinny enough for the runway on the “Ruthie’s Table 4” podcast.

Former supermodel Linda Evangelista opened up about the extreme diets she undertook in her late 20s and early 30s to stay thin enough for the runway in a candid interview on the Ruth’s Table 4 podcast with Ruth Rogers. The Canadian confessed that she undertook “harmful” detoxes and attended a weekly retreat in the US where she went on a starvation diet, costing around 10,000 euros a week.

Evangelista said that close to her 30th birthday, her metabolism slowed down and she began exercising to maintain her weight. She described her experience with detox cleanses, including the “Master Cleanse,” in which she consumed only salt water and herbal tea, as well as medical regimens. She also attended a week-long detox in Palm Springs twice a year, during which she consumed mostly liquid diets.

Models had to adapt to the clothing

Evangelista, now 58, called these methods harmful and said she would never go on a starvation diet again. She also expressed criticism of the fashion industry 30 years ago, emphasizing that models back then had to adapt to the clothes rather than the other way around.

Last year, Linda Evangelista announced that she had undergone fat reduction using the CoolSculpting procedure. She “permanently disfigured” them. She had to use various methods to correct the postoperative complication called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, including two liposuction procedures and an intermittent fasting period.

Source: “Ruthie’s Table 4”

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