“Friends” star: Courteney Cox on Matthew Perry: “Grateful for every moment”

“Friends” star: Courteney Cox on Matthew Perry: “Grateful for every moment”

The actress, whose role as Monica Geller married Perry’s character, posts a video and shares words of remembrance. Perry died at the end of October. He was only 54 years old.

US actress Courteney Cox (59) paid tribute to her “Friends” colleague in an emotional message after the unexpected death of Matthew Perry. “I’m so grateful for every moment I had with you. Matty and I miss you every day,” Cox wrote on Instagram. There are thousands of moments from their close collaboration that she would like to share.

Cox, who became friends with Perry’s character Chandler Bing in her role as Monica Geller in the hit sitcom “Friends” and later married him, posted a “Friends” clip from a bed scene together. Before filming this scene, Cox said, he whispered a funny line to her that she should say. “He did things like that a lot. He was funny and he was nice.”

Co-star LeBlanc also says goodbye publicly

“Friends” star Matt LeBlanc (56) also publicly said goodbye to his colleague a good two weeks after Perry’s death. He did this “with a heavy heart,” the actor wrote on Instagram. “The times we had together are truly some of the favorite times of my life.”

Perry was found dead in a hot tub at his Los Angeles home in late October. He was only 54 years old. The cult TV series “Friends” about six young friends in New York was produced in the USA from 1994 to 2004. In addition to Perry, Cox and LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer starred. Perry’s colleagues issued a statement together just a few days after his death and spoke of an “unbelievable loss”.

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