Shortly before the arrival of “Celebrity Big Brother”: Yeliz Koc involved in a car accident

Shortly before the arrival of “Celebrity Big Brother”: Yeliz Koc involved in a car accident

Yeliz Koc was involved in an accident on Tuesday. Your participation in “Celebrity Big Brother” is not at risk.

Shock for reality star Yeliz Koc (30): She was involved in a car accident shortly before moving into the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. The mother of a daughter told about this on Tuesday. Luckily there was only one sheet metal damage.

Lost control on wet roads

This Wednesday, the 30-year-old is traveling to Cologne, where she has to stay in a hotel for the next few days until she appears on the Sat.1 show. Before that, she should do a PCR test. But on the way there it happened. On the evening of November 14th, Yeliz Koc describes what exactly happened in several video sequences. “I don’t have a driver’s license, which means I don’t have a car either,” she begins. That’s why her reality colleague Yasin Mohamed (32) wanted to go there in her stepfather’s Porsche. He warned her: “Drive slowly, the car is a little more difficult to drive.” The rear actually broke off on the slippery road. “We drove very slowly, but the ground was wet and there were leaves everywhere.” Then it happened: “We spun two or three times, the car was out of control. And then we crashed into another car.”

The vehicles would now “not look so great” anymore. But everyone is doing well: “Thank God nothing happened to anyone, that’s the most important thing.” Nevertheless, she regrets that she had to confess to her mother’s boyfriend that his Porsche was damaged. “What would my life be without problems, without worries?” said Koc.

Since she fortunately remained uninjured, nothing stands in the way of her taking part in “Celebrity Big Brother”. It starts on Joyn+ before the TV broadcast, with a live stream starting on Saturday, November 18th. From Monday, November 20th, you can see what the prominent residents are experiencing every day from 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1.

“We enjoy spending time together”

Yeliz Koc could possibly also use the time in the TV container to clarify her feelings. Since she has been dating Yasin Mohamed a lot for some time, many followers suspect that the two are a couple. “No, we’re not, but we enjoy spending time together,” she said in an Instagram story on Monday. But a development from friendship to relationship doesn’t seem entirely out of the question: “I’ll be away on Wednesday and then we’ll just keep looking.”

Yeliz Koc has already made many headlines with her love life. From 2018 to 2020 she was with Sebastian Haller (29), whom she met on “Bachelor in Paradise”. She had daughter Snow with musician and actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31) in October 2021. The couple separated before the birth. Last year she met Jannik Kontalis (27) on the RTL+ show “Make Love, Fake Love”. However, after a turbulent on-off period, this relationship also fell apart.

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