Reggaeton singer Alexio La Bruja died

Reggaeton singer Alexio La Bruja died
November 15, 2023 – 09:45

The Puerto Rican artist was known for songs like “Tumba la casa.” He was 34 years old.

The reggaeton singer died Alexio The Witch, he was 34 years old. The Puerto Rican, whose real name was Victor A. Rivera Rosadowas diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

The news of his illness broke when two other artists decided to ask for help through social networks. Arcángel and Anuel AA asked the followers of their profiles for donations to help their friend and partner, the singer Alexio La Bruja. However, it has now been learned that the Puerto Rican artist has died at the age of 35.

Years of fighting the disease

His goodbye occurred on Monday, November 13, when his heart stopped beating after the singer and composer had been fighting cancer for years. The artist has died surrounded by his family and friends. It’s more, The news has become known thanks to the fact that one of the artists, Benny La Jodienda, He revealed it with a publication on his Instagram account.

“The genre is in mourning!!! May you rest in peace, my king!! You are one of the most special people I have met!! Your friendship was unconditional!! Your teacher Lele is proud of you!! Your mentors Pacho and Cirilo are proud of you!! Your best friend of the Luian genre and the entire genre!! RIP Alexio!! The true warrior!! The last one from Equestrian Park!! Coal Boyz!!! Let’s listen to Tumba La Casa!! From Alaska to Chile!! Those with a black heart!!”, says the young man.

After hearing the news, many fans have filled social networks with support for the family. His work in Trap and Reggaetón music was very well captured in songs like ‘Tumba La Casa’ or ‘Tará’, songs that brought him success.

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