What is the new Colegiales gastronomic corridor like?

What is the new Colegiales gastronomic corridor like?

Recognized brands began to set up shop on Concepción Arenal and Zapiola streets. The premises are part of a megaproject of almost 82,000 m² in which there are also homes and offices. Its location, right on the border with Palermo Hollywood, decompresses that area a little to invite a quieter, neighborhood and quiet place.

Among those who recently landed in Concepción, there is Osaka, the pioneer restaurant of Nikkei cuisine that moved its old premises in Palermo to bet on this new area of ​​Colegiales. In a space of more than 510 m2 covered that takes place on a single floor, Osaka is designed to receive more than 150 diners. “We opted for Colegiales, because we saw that the Dorrego corridor was a growing area, with many new buildings, and large-scale projects, such as Concepción itself or others that are planned for the area. And on the other hand, in our Palermo location we already had many frequent and loyal customers and we noticed that by going to Colegiales we would not lose them,” he explained. Agustín Latorre owner of Osaka.

“We believe that the new area has great potential, we see that Palermo is moving towards the Dorrego side, there is already a lot of tourism in the area, and we believe that when the residential buildings are completely finished, the neighborhood will grow,” held. “In the short time we have been open, we have already had to limit reservations for several days,” concluded Latorre.

The tourism figure is not minor. The city of Buenos Aires was among the 10 trending destinations to visit in 2024according to a ranking of Booking. The country’s capital is recommended by travelers for its excellent restaurants and its diverse cultural proposals, which is why this new cool fashion and gastronomy hub hopes to position itself among those recommended for both visitors and locals.

The commercial hub is completed by fashion brands, an artisanal Italian ice cream parlour, specialty coffees, restaurants, a hair salon, a bicycle shop specialized in urban mobility and the opening of a bar that will also have a coffee shop is expected soon.

All of these commercial premises are located in a mixed-use development, called Concepción, where in addition to this promenade, there are also about 4,500 m2 of AAA offices divided into three floors, a commercial parking lot with 223 parking spaces and 435 housing units of different types.

Schoolchildren, the new bet

Most businesses decided to settle here as a gamble. On the one hand, Colegiales maintains a neighborhood spirit, with its tranquility, silence and low houses. But on the other hand, it is a connection point between areas, such as Palermo Hollywood and Belgrano, which are already a little saturated with both homes and businesses.

“In this location there is a mega entrepreneurship which generated a 180 degree change in the area due to the size of the project and the commercial attraction it generates in the place. In some way it is being put together like a mini Palermo Hollywood,” he said. Gabriel Brodsky CEO of Predial Properties.

“This project and those that followed managed to raise the value of the square meter due to the quality of the services they offer and because it is something different. The area is very well connected, it is for a young, dynamic audience. In addition, it has the attraction that there is a lot of green, it has many places and it is a differential in terms of quality of life,” added the specialist.

According to the latest Index of Zonaprop, Colegiales is in the top three of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Federal Capital to rent. However, it is also one of the most in-demand: there are many developments under construction, especially house-type apartments. It is also a neighborhood with good connections and green areas that have been revalued.

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