“The Crown” continues: Diana’s most beautiful fashion classics

“The Crown” continues: Diana’s most beautiful fashion classics

The sixth season of “The Crown” also brings back Princess Diana’s iconic styles. These looks will never be forgotten.

Royal fans had to be patient for a long time, now the wait is over: The sixth season of the Netflix hit series “The Crown” is in the starting blocks. The first part of the new episodes will be available on the streaming service from November 16th. The new episodes are likely to set a new trend in the fashion world, as they deal with the last days of Princess Diana (1961-1997), who was simply a style icon for many. We still love her fashion styles today.

The casual Diana

Like hardly any other person, Diana was under constant observation for the second half of her life. Paparazzi were lurking around the clock to photograph the Princess of Wales in everyday situations. Photos of Lady Di brought in tons of money during her lifetime. With all the public pressure, you’d think that each of her outfits was thought out from top to bottom. Nevertheless, those with their beloved blue mom jeans, for example, looked like they did in the 80s. She often chose a casual hoodie, an oversized blazer and a cap. When it came to footwear, she chose not only sneakers but also boots and cowboy boots – all items of clothing that are currently trendy again.

The sporty Diana

Diana had no problem leaving the house sporty. The Princess of Hearts wore cycling shorts almost up and down. Her legendary gray Harvard hoodie will never be forgotten, as will her red sheep sweater, which recently went under the hammer. Diana was an enthusiastic sports fan herself and made the tennis tournaments in Wimbledon much more popular at the time. While she appeared on the center court in sporty tennis outfits including white sports socks and sneakers, she kept it much more elegant in the spectator stands at Wimbledon…

The elegant Diana

Floral prints, stripes or flounces were mostly used there. At important appointments and charity events, Lady Di also liked to appear in chic tweed costumes or trouser suits. Their blazers and jackets usually had collars, buttons or shoulder pads.

The large robes were brought out for balls and ceremonial occasions. Here Lady Di used a wide variety of styles, such as red and sweeping, blue and tight-fitting, but asymmetrical cuts with sequins were also used. Her black velvet dress with an off-shoulder cut, which also went down in history as a Travolta dress, will forever be remembered. Because in the robe she put a hot foot on the floor with John Travolta (69) in the White House in 1985. By the way, Victor Edelstein’s designer dress was auctioned in 2019 for 264,000 pounds.

The sexy Diana

But Diana also knew how to showcase her feminine charm. Many people were taken by Diana’s little black dress – a skin-tight, short off-shoulder dress all in black. This showed – at least for the royals – a relatively large amount of skin and didn’t even reach her knee. Diana wore it in 1994, shortly after her husband Prince Charles admitted his adultery. Got viral in the media. She also wore a pearl necklace, matching earrings and a black clutch.

If you would like to take a closer look at Diana’s versatile styles, you can now tune in to the new episodes of “The Crown”. Actress Elizabeth Debicki (33) embodies Lady Di in her last days and looks very similar to the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. This may also be because she wore Diana’s iconic looks during filming. Part one of season six will be available from November 16th, with episodes five to ten coming on December 14th.

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