Two hours from Córdoba, a hidden town of 300 inhabitants ideal for the weekend

Two hours from Córdoba, a hidden town of 300 inhabitants ideal for the weekend
November 16, 2023 – 17:00

It is a destination that can be visited in summer and winter. Those who visit it claim to have a peaceful vacation in the middle of nature.

If you are looking for a escape in nature and may it give you days of pure tranquility, Cordova offers you an unmissable destination to visit and enjoy alone, as a couple or as a family.

Villa Amancay It is presented as a small town with approximately 300 inhabitantsstanding out as one of the youngest in the Calamuchita Valley. This place is revealed to be the perfect place for a quiet vacation in contact with the natural beauty that surrounds it.

What to do in Villa Amancay?

It is presented as a destination to get away or enjoy a vacation. Among the activities offered, the possibility of resting in the surroundings of the Amboy Creek or in one of its three spas: La Ollita, La Pileta and La Cascadita. These offer a variety of services, waterfalls, and beaches.


Villa Amancay

The region receives numerous visitors during hot days, but in winter it becomes an ideal place for walking, horseback riding or marveling at the native flora and fauna.

In addition, there are nearby reservoirs in the surrounding area, such as the Cerro Pelado and the Short Stream, which add to the attractions of the area. Other points of interest include the Río Grande Hydroelectric Complexthe local sports center and the Virgin del Carmen Grotto.

Río Grande Hydroelectric Complex.jpg

Río Grande Hydroelectric Complex

Río Grande Hydroelectric Complex

How to get?

Villa Amancay is located at 117 kilometers of the City of Cordova and can be reached by car through the Provincial Route 5 wave National Route 36. For those who prefer public transportthe collective option is to use the services of Lep Buses until Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. From this point, it is necessary to take another bus from the same company to reach the town.

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