Britney Spears: That’s what her sister says and what’s next

A first partial success for Britney Spears gives her and her fans hope. After the second day of the hearing, her sister, Jamie Lynn, also spoke up.

In the past few weeks, Jamie Lynn Spears has become an enemy of Free Britney fans. The 39-year-old pop icon’s sister defended herself on Instagram after her first court hearing, saying she always wanted the best for Britney and would not benefit from guardianship.

Britney Spears: That’s what her sister says

Even now, the actress commented again on what happened to Britney Spears. After the first success on Wednesday and is now represented by a lawyer of her choice, Jamie Lynn posted on Instagram: “Dear God, can we end this bullshit once and for all? Amen.”

The role of the younger Spears is still unclear. While Britney Spears now openly says that she is afraid of their father Jamie and wants to sue him, she has not yet made any definite statements about her sister. However, she always talked about her family – it is quite possible that Jamie Lynn is also meant.

Did she benefit from Britney’s money?

After Britney’s first court hearing in late June, Jamie Lynn said she pays her bills herself – presumably to say that she doesn’t need Britney’s money and therefore doesn’t benefit from guardianship.

Fans of “Free Britney” see it differently and took the younger Spears in their sights. Because it is doubtful that Jamie Lynn was not involved. In 2018, the actress was appointed as the manager of Britney’s fortune, calling for even more power over her sister’s trust funds.

What’s next?

On Wednesday, Britney Spears reiterated that she wanted an end to guardianship. With Mathew Rosengart, her new attorney, it is probably only a matter of time before she formally files the application.

If that happens, her father could appeal against it, so that a lawsuit could ensue. To make a decision, the court might insist on a re-psychological evaluation – something Britney Spears definitely doesn’t want. “In many cases it can be more difficult to get rid of a guardianship than to set it up in the first place,” said attorney Chris Johnson of the “New York Times”.

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