Oliver Pocher on Amira’s new podcast: “Wrong and hurtful”

Oliver Pocher on Amira’s new podcast: “Wrong and hurtful”

In a conversation with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, Oliver Pocher reveals what he thinks about his wife Amira’s new podcast and why he wasn’t at his son’s birthday party.

“It will be emotional,” promise Oliver Pocher and Alessandra Meyer-Wölden in the third episode of their Podimo podcast “The Pochers! Freshly recycled”. But anyone expecting new revelations about Pocher’s marriage to Amira Pocher will have to be patient for now.

First, the former couple spoke about an incident in Dubai, where both were currently staying and recording the podcast. Alessandra Meyer-Wölden and Oliver Pocher were invited to a Geissens party. But Carmen Geiss finally decided that she didn’t want to sit at the same table with Pocher. The comedian once made fun of a clumsy commercial clip of her two daughters.

Oliver Pocher found the invitation silly. But it’s “emotionally harder if you’re not there at the child’s birthday party.” He was referring to the fourth birthday of his older son, who he has with Amira Pocher.

Pocher and Meyer-Wölden speak for the first time about the birth of their twins

But before Pocher talked about the birthday, things got pretty serious. On the anniversary of the death of goalkeeper Robert Enke, who committed suicide in 2009 at the age of 32, Oliver Pocher spoke about his fate. Three years earlier, Enke’s daughter died of a heart defect at the age of two.

About the fate of Robert Enke’s daughter, Pocher and Meyer-Wölden talked about their own children. Her twins were born prematurely. Since the two babies were only attached to a common umbilical cord, the birth was even more difficult than with twins.

Then Oliver Pocher highlighted his absence at his son’s birthday party. He was invited, Amira would have “jumped over her shadow in the interests of the children”. But then the comedian backtracked: “I also know that Amira isn’t necessarily in a condition at the moment that she can stand next to me in a halfway normal way, not with a pulse rate of 160, and then be able to do it for two or three hours at a time.”

So he “with a heavy heart” declined the invitation because “the children simply deserve to have a harmonious birthday.” In the morning, Oliver Pocher went to the swimming pool and to McDonalds with his two sons.

Oliver Pocher didn’t want to talk about Amira Pocher’s new podcast episode, but then he did. His wife described her “perception of the situation,” which he understands. But some things were factually “wrong and hurtful”. He also found it “curious” that Amira was “ready for love” again in this situation, as she said in her podcast.

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