Hiroshi “Heath” Morie: bassist for rock band X Japan is dead

Hiroshi “Heath” Morie: bassist for rock band X Japan is dead

He was only 55: Hiroshi “Heath” Morie, bassist of the rock band X Japan, died of cancer. The disease was diagnosed in June.

The Japanese musician Hiroshi Morie, better known by his stage name Heath, is dead. The bassist of the internationally successful rock band X Japan died at the age of just 55 as a result of colon cancer. Accordingly, Heath died on October 29, 2023. The cancer was first diagnosed during a medical examination in June 2023, the report continues.

“Despite his efforts to fight the disease, his condition suddenly deteriorated in October and he breathed his last in hospital,” said a statement from the band, obtained by the paper. The remaining members would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all those who valued Heath during his life.

“Formal Farewell Ceremony” will follow at a later date

All band members would have been given the opportunity to personally say goodbye to Hiroshi “Heath” Morie. They are “still deeply saddened and dismayed by his sudden loss.” The funeral is only open to the closest family members and please refrain from “visits, donations or flowers”. There will be a “formal farewell ceremony” at a later date.

X Japan is a Japanese rock band that has been active since the 1980s. They are considered to be the co-founders of the famous Visual Kei style and a pioneer for many Japanese musicians. X Japan had their greatest successes in the 1990s. After the band temporarily ended in 1997, X Japan celebrated a major reunion in 2007, as a result of which they also played several world tours. Heath, who also toured as a solo artist and with other bands, was an official member of the band from 1992 until his death.

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