A horror film festival is coming to CABA: what to see, where and since when

A horror film festival is coming to CABA: what to see, where and since when

A new edition of Buenos Aires Blood Red (BARS)he International Horror, Fantastic and Bizarre Film Festivalarrives to the Buenos aires city with more than 60 films, between November 23 and December 3, and will take place at the Multiplex Belgrano cinema and the San Martin Cultural Center.

“BARS was always there to accompany genre cinema that was systematically ignored by the INCAA, festivals, producers, critics, academia and the press. It is important because it is a meeting point and provides shelter for a lot of directors who had no other place to be,” defined the programmer of BARS, Pablo Sapere.

Buenos Aires Blood Red: what films can be seen

Depending on the competition in question, the BARS offers movies from different origins. The main ones are: international, Ibero-American, Argentine competition and with a focus on the Far East.

The films of the International Competition

In the International Competition they will see the British “The Moors” (Chris Cronin), the Americans “Eight Eyes” (Austin Jennings) and B”irth/Rebirth” (Laura Moss), the Canadian “Daughter of the Sun” (Ryan Ward), the Hungarian “Zanox” (Ben Baranyi), the Spanish “The dining room table” (Caye Casas), the Italian “The Well” (Federico Zampaglione), the Turkish “The Funeral” (Orçun Behram) and the Argentines “Maria” (Gabriel Grieco, Nic Loreti) and “Lava 2 – The new Narcissus Show” (Ayar Blasco).

The Ibero-American Competition and its proposals

For its part, the Ibero-American Competition includes the Paraguayan “Lucette” (Mburucuya Fleitas and Oscar Ayala Paciello), the Mexican “Aztech” (F. Campos, J. Jasso, R. Ordoñez, G. Saúl Guerrero, F. Laresgoiti, J. Xavier Velasco, A. Molina, J. Malpica, U. Guzmán, L. Laborde), the Chilean “Eros Thanatos” (Felipe Eluti), the Venezuelan “Bachelorette party” (Alexmir Dordelly) and the Spanish “I’ll blow you up” (Kike Narcea).

The Colombian was programmed in the same section “The other way” (Diego Felipe Guzmán), the Argentine, Uruguayan, Chilean and Mexican co-production “Witches they will cross the threshold” (R. Gomez, H. Florentin, C. Lasso, G. Diaz, M. Fabani, D. Araya) and the national “Another damn movie” (Alberto Fasce & Mario Varela) and “The game of your life” (Fernando Martín Rojas).

A new league: the Argentine Competition

This year, BARS inaugurates the Argentine Competitionwhich includes titles such as “Marisa and Gomoso” (Pablo Parés), “Nancy Sport Laundry” (Agustín Gregori), “Tourists, a season in Hell” (Gaby Smiths), “Dark Tales” (E. Massa, D. de la Vega, F. Colona, ​​D. Noblon, F. Canovas), “Forest sigils” (Llao Navarra), “Do not go out” (Gonzalo Gimenez), “The Caregiver” (Ariel Luque) and “Ghost Project” (Federico Finkielstain).

The focus on the Far East and its films

In this edition the festival will focus on Far Eastern cinema, with films such as “Samurai Ninja Onimanji”the new production by the cult Japanese director Yoshihiro Nishimura (“Tokyo Gore Police”, “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl”, “Helldriver”); the chinese blockbuster “Creation of The Gods I: Kingdom of Storms” (Wuershan), and titles from the most recent horror films, such as “Malum” (Anthony DiBlasi) and “The mean one” (Steven LaMorte).

A surprise preview

In addition, on December 1 it will be seen as a preview “Black Friday”(Thanksgiving), the new commitment to the slasher – a subgenre that generally places at its center a psychopath who brutally murders young people -, from the American Eli Roth.

cinema pochoclos.jpg

He BARS offers movies from different origins.

Buenos Aires Blood Red: activities to do

In addition to premieres, Argentine revivals, competitions, screenings of classics in 16 and 35 mm, there will be special activities at the San Martin Cultural Centersuch as a horror film acting workshop, book presentations, an illustrator exhibition Flavio Greco Paglia and a retrospective of Demián Rugnadirector of “When evil lurks”the hit of the genre that premiered on November 9.

“The talent of Demian It was always there, you could already see it in “The last entry”his first short film,” he says Sapere. “He BARS It was a meeting point for the struggle of filmmakers like Rugna, Daniel Dela Vega, Gonzalo Calzada, Fabian Forte, Gabriel Grieco, Nicanor Loreti, Pablo Parés and Javier Dimenamong many others,” lists the programmer.

Also among the special activities, there will be a screening of “The Wicker Man” (The Wicker Man, Robin Hardy, 1973), a classic of British horror cinema in the cemetery in the neighborhood of Chacarita.

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