L-Gante denied that he was going to retire from music due to Javier Milei’s victory

L-Gante denied that he was going to retire from music due to Javier Milei’s victory
November 20, 2023 – 16:26

The 23-year-old artist ended the rumors that assured his promise to leave music in the event of an eventual victory for the Economist.

After they met runoff results, in which Javier Milei beat Sergio Massa as the new elected president of the Argentinamany eyes turned around the cumbia singer L-Ghentto which an alleged statement about the result of the runoff was attributed: “If Massa doesn’t win, I’ll retire from music”.

With the numbers achieved, social networks were shocked by the artist’s eventual retirement. However, the reference of the “cumbia 420” He seemed angry and assured that he is not going to leave his profession. “I never made my political opinion known. I’m not going to retire from music either.. It is fake news that has been generated just to gain traction. Tomorrow is my second Luna Park”.


L-Ghent’s message to Milei after the runoff

To the surprise of many, Elian Valenzuela (his real name) published a story on instagram in which he welcomed the libertarian. “Welcome, Mr. President. We hope and wish that he knows how to do the best possible for our country,” he wrote next to the image of the candidate from Freedom Advances.

Despite this, he came out to clarify that his post did not imply his sympathy with the ideals of space. “I am welcoming the man who is going to occupy the presidency of our country. Because? Because my mom taught me to be respectful. If someone isn’t… I’m going to be the same,” was the young man’s defense. 23 years through his Instagram account, statements that he later deleted.

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When does L-Ghent play at Luna Park

L- Ghent will appear at the stadium Luna Park this Monday, November 20 at 9 p.m. The native of General Rodriguezreturns to the stage after having been in prison in the case that links him to the Illegal deprivation of freedom and threats to a neighbor.

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