Amira Pocher on the end of her marriage to Oliver Pocher: “I withdrew a lot”

Amira Pocher on the end of her marriage to Oliver Pocher: “I withdrew a lot”

Actually, Amira Pocher holds back on swipes at her husband Oliver while he happily dishes it out on all his platforms.

Oliver Pocher can’t help it. He repeatedly speaks out against his estranged wife Amira Pocher on TV and on Instagram. So far she seemed more sensible than the comedian, held back and continued to do her thing. But the presenter can’t resist a few tips.

Amira Pocher talks about Oliver Pocher in the podcast

In the new episode of her podcast, which she continues with her brother Hima after her separation from husband Oliver, he says right at the beginning: “It was also just important that you say something. Because you never mentioned anything in public or addressed it.” Last episode, Pocher commented on some of her husband’s allegations. “Yes, I still won’t do it. “That was the first and last time,” she now emphasizes. It’s not just her brother who is skeptical about whether she’ll stick with it, listeners of the podcast are also likely to have doubts about it. Because Pocher will get started again straight away.

It’s about the meaning of life. “What makes you happy in life? It’s love,” says Amira’s brother Hima and explains that having a family is the meaning of life. Last week Amira Pocher said she was ready for a new love. This was also expressed in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. “They’re similar.”Some people said: ‘How? So fast?’ And then I thought about what the outside perception must be like,” she says now and once again talks about her ongoing marriage.

Separated for a long time

“I didn’t take into account that the public only knew that we were separated since August. And unofficially we’ve been separated for a long time. And then there was this uncoupling phase. This process lasts until you really give up.” , she explains to the listeners and her Brother. “That’s what you do when hope dies. And when hope dies, so does love. And that is an eternal process. So it feels like I’ve been separated for a year already. Emotionally you are already much further along. So me,” said the moderator.

In his interview with RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig, Oliver Pocher explained that fighting for Amira seemed hopeless to him because she had already finished the marriage.

But it takes some time to process the end of a relationship, says Amira Pocher. “For that you would have to deal with your feelings. For that you might have to sit alone for an hour and think about your thoughts and feelings, reflect and talk about them and not always run away. To do that you would also have to just listen sometimes, stop sometimes “Hear your own feelings. Not everyone can do that,” she says, alluding to her husband, who speaks up again and again.

She herself had “been alone for a long time in the evening,” said Pocher. “I withdrew a lot.”

The podcast “Liebes Leben” is available exclusively on Podimo.

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