Did Banksy reveal his real name 20 years ago?

Did Banksy reveal his real name 20 years ago?
Banksy’s most sensational action – “Girl with Balloon” shredded. (vowe)

Did Banksy reveal his real name 20 years ago? In a 2003 BBC interview, which has now resurfaced, the presenter asked the mysterious street artist if he could use his name. He says yes – whereupon Banksy is asked: “Is it Robert Banks?”. Answer: “It’s Robbie.”

How “Bristol Live” reported from Banksy’s western English hometown on Tuesday that the artist Robin Gunningham, who many have assumed to be Banksy for years, used the name Robin Banks. Robbie may be a nickname for Robin. The portal emphasized that Robbie could also point to other identities, such as Robert Del Naja, artist and member of the band Massive Attack, who comes from Bristol. Del Naja has also been considered a possible Banksy for years.

The interview was conducted by then BBC culture correspondent Nigel Wrench. As the BBC now the podcast “The Banksy Story” published in which Banksy’s voice can be heard in a 2005 US radio interview, Wrench recalled the conversation, the public broadcaster reported on Tuesday. He found his entire interview on a minidisc at home – and the BBC added an episode to their actually finished podcast.

In the conversation, Banksy compared his approach to art to cooking. His mother prepared a roast every Sunday, the typical Sunday Roast. It took a long time, but was eaten up quickly. Now she eats microwave meals and is happier. “In a way, I transferred this approach to art. I want it done.” Banksy also denied allegations of vandalism. “I’m not here to apologize for that. It’s a quicker way to make your point, right?” The artist emphasized: “Go out! Destroy things! Have fun!” Other people could paint over the work again, he said.

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