Bestiales: the new work by Paulo Kablan and his son Facundo based on the Argentine police story

Bestiales: the new work by Paulo Kablan and his son Facundo based on the Argentine police story
November 21, 2023 – 11:03

Vampires, monsters and savage murderers, the new theme of the play that father and son will star in starting next November 30 at the Picadero theater.

The recognized journalist Paulo Kablan with his son Facundo Kablanstar in a unique show covering cases as tremendous as they are little known in the Argentine police history.

The work, which will be next Thursday, November 30, will take place in the Picadero theater starting at 10:30 p.m.

What Bestiales is about, the Kablans’ new work

real criminals that could well be part of stories of fiction, stories and audiovisual materiall that will amaze the public with which the Kablan They will engage in an interactive round trip in which there will be no shortage of riddles, surprises and even a particular game in which the winner will share a dinner in full performance with the hosts while they comment on surprising episodes from the police-judicial world.

The idea and general direction of the work is Daniel Datola.

Facundo Kablan, For his part, he works alongside his father in The File (C5N)and through your account instagramwhere he has already surpassed the barrier of 18 thousand followers, shares photos and videos before going on air.

It is worth remembering that the young, renowned journalist debuted recently as a panelist on Very morning when Carmen Barbieri’s program I was in City Magazine.

Likewise, in January of this year he also landed in The Famous Hotel 2 (El Trece)where he served as chef.

Source: Ambito

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