Celebrity Couple: Travis Kelce raves about Taylor Swift

Celebrity Couple: Travis Kelce raves about Taylor Swift

How do you get a date with Taylor Swift? Football star Travis Kelce admits that he used mutual acquaintances as “matchmakers”. Both have recently been a couple.

US football star Travis Kelce (34) raved about his new girlfriend Taylor Swift (33) in a detailed interview. The singer is “hilarious” and “a genius,” Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, told the Wall Street Journal magazine. He had never dated someone who had “an aura like that.” Swift is currently one of the world’s most successful pop stars.

To get to know Swift, he used mutual acquaintances as “matchmakers,” Kelce said. Then they met in New York. “We had already spoken by then, so I knew we would have a nice dinner and a conversation and whatever comes after, comes after.”

However, he still has to get used to the attention that Swift gets. “I’ve never had anything like that before. But I’m not running away from it either. The constant scrutiny she gets, how there’s always a magnifying glass on her every day, paparazzi in front of her house, in front of every restaurant she goes to, in front of every plane she gets off, and she just lives and enjoys life. If she’s acting like that, I better not be the one acting all weird.”

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