Amazon Alexa: These were the most sought-after stars in 2023

Amazon Alexa: These were the most sought-after stars in 2023

Amazon evaluated which celebrities Alexa users asked about most often this year.

Many people rely on the help of voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or the Google Assistant in everyday life. Many users also repeatedly ask the assistant questions about celebrities. Amazon has now evaluated which stars Alexa was asked about most frequently. By far the most common question users asked about was the age of a star. Questions such as: “Who is…?”, “What does…?” were also common. or “When did … die?”.

From Mario Novembre to Udo Lindenberg

The top ten most frequently requested personalities include singers, actors, athletes and also internet stars. Surprising: Only men made it onto the list, even if women were included in the evaluation.

This year, questions about the singer, actor and social media star Mario Novembre (23), who alone on TikTok and thus pushed world soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (38) into second place, were particularly popular this year. His colleagues Lionel Messi (36) and Kylian Mbappé (24) come in third and fourth, ahead of YouTubers Paluten (35) and iCrimax in fifth and sixth. Pop titan Dieter Bohlen (69), soccer star Manuel Neuer (37), action veteran Chuck Norris (83) and panic rocker Udo Lindenberg (77) complete the top ten in that order.

Helene Fischer has no chance against Heidi Klum

Last year, reality TV star Daniela Katzenberger (37) and model mom Heidi Klum (50) made it into the top ten most searched personalities. In 2023, the “cat” will no longer appear at all, but Klum tops the list of women Alexa was asked about most often. Hollywood star Eva Longoria (48) follows in second place, and in third place is music icon Tina Turner (1939-2023), who died in May. The French singer Mireille Mathieu (77) ends up in fourth place, hit queen Helene Fischer (39) in fifth place.

Distributed accordingly, the stars already mentioned also lead the subcategories of music, acting and sport. When it comes to athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo ends up in the top five ahead of Messi, Mbappé and Neuer. Fifth place goes to Bayern star Thomas Müller (34).

As in the overall evaluation, Novembre also leads the top five among musicians and actors. When it comes to music, Bohlen and Lindenberg follow him, followed by Schlager pensioner Jürgen Drews (78) and singer Howard Carpendale (77). When it comes to actors, he is ahead of Norris, Longoria, David Hasselhoff (71) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (76).

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