After Gil Ofarim’s lying confession: Oliver Pocher and more speak out

After Gil Ofarim’s lying confession: Oliver Pocher and more speak out

After Gil Ofarim’s lying confession on Tuesday, numerous celebrities spoke publicly about the case, including Oliver Pocher.

The lying confession by Gil Ofarim (41) last Tuesday in the Leipzig regional court caused a lot of fuss. After a trial that lasted several weeks, the singer admitted that he had made up the anti-Semitism allegations against a hotel employee in Leipzig. The first celebrity reactions don’t take long to arrive.

Oliver Pocher: “You can’t beat it for audacity”

Comedian Oliver Pocher (45) reacted to the surprising turnaround in the Ofarim case. “What a shame, especially today when anti-Semitism is such a huge problem,” says Pocher. From the comedian’s point of view, Ofarim’s action “couldn’t be surpassed in terms of audacity.” The fact that the singer made one TV appearance after another after the publication of his Instagram video in October 2021 was “an unparalleled PR tour”. Pocher had doubts from the start. Addressing Ofarim directly, he says: “I know you, you think you’re a bit hotter than most of the others.”

Julian FM Stoeckel: “Gil has caused social damage”

Julian FM Stoeckel (36), who defended Ofarim at the time, is also disappointed. “It’s not just about the fact that he lied, it has drawn completely different circles,” says the reality star. “That denigrates all victims who suffer from homophobia and anti-Semitism. Ofarim caused “social damage” with this. He is sure that the singer is now facing a difficult time.

Susan Sideropoulos: “Incredibly sad and shameful”

Actress and author Susan Sideropoulos (43), who is herself Jewish, spoke out. Like most people, she bought Ofarim’s story back then. For the former “GZSZ” star, it is so far away that one would lie in such a situation: “It is incredibly sad and shameful that there are people who have great grievances and suffering issues – such as anti-Semitism, racism and oppression in any form – to gain an advantage.”

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden: “So disappointing”

Oliver Pocher’s ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40) also took Ofarim’s allegations at face value: “If someone says that they were insulted in an anti-Semitic manner, I have to take it seriously and stand by them. That’s exactly why it’s so disappointing. I I’ve known Gil for a long time and I’m personally disappointed in him,” she explains to the “Bild” newspaper. She feels particularly sorry for the hotel employees, “who were accused of evil here.”

Politicians also spoke out after Ofarim’s confession

Leipzig member of the Bundestag Holger Mann (44, SPD) said he was happy for the Hotel Westin and its employees, “that the allegations of anti-Semitism have been put to rest.”

The Central Council of Jews in Germany: “Gil Ofarim has thereby caused great harm to all those who are actually affected by anti-Semitism. In addition to the public, he has also lied to the Jewish community.”

10,000 euros fine and deleted Instagram account

The singer accused of defamation made a confession on Tuesday: “The allegations are true.” He apologized to the hotel employee, who accepted the apology in court. He deleted the video that Ofarim published in October 2021 – and with it his entire Instagram account.

After his confession, the Leipzig regional court discontinued the proceedings against a fine of 10,000 euros. Gil Ofarim has agreed to pay 5,000 euros each to the Jewish community in Leipzig and to another club.

Source: Stern

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